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News Stories

Fantasy Band

The Fantasy Band, based out of Rock Hill, SC, won a contest to play for troops overseas back in 2007. This is a news story I did with Josh Cascio when I worked at CN2.

Mock Drill

Back in 2005, the US Food Service held a mock drill to prepare for any type of emergency. I was working for CN2 at the time and put together this natsound piece of the story. As it turned out, I won the RTNDA Award for it.

Berkeley the Pet Therapy Dog

This is a news story I did when I worked in Charlotte, NC. I found out about a pet therapy dog that helped out victims
from 9-11 when he lived in NYC. The thing that made this dog unique was he was a bulldog. It’s a great story, check it out.

Buffalo Soldier

When I worked at News 2, Raymond Owens and I talked to a local Buffalo Soldier about the hardships he endured as a black soldier during World War II. It’s a great story.
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